Janesville Police Radio in Schools

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JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- The tragedy in Newtown has forced area school districts to rethink their own security.

"I was just very saddened for all the people involved. But also, immediately thinking through 'What do we have in place? What more can we do?”

Superintendent Karen Schulte hopes staff and students in her Janesville school district will never have to experience a school shooting and is thankful her schools will soon have an invaluable resource available.

"If we can reduce the response time, even by seconds, we know that that could make a difference in children's and staff lives. So I think anything that we can do to do that, to promote that, then I'm going to be a part of that,” Schulte said.

Starting in January, all public schools in Janesville will be equipped with a Janesville Police Department Portable Radio, which can be used to alert all on duty officers of an intruder or shooting activity . Project Direct Connect, Police say, will drastically reduce the time it takes for police to respond.

"If the radios are in the building, and they notice our field units, we would have all of our resources, and all of our assets, and all of our officers responding to that school immediately There will be no delay for the processing of a 9-1-1 call,” says Janesville Police Chief David Moore.

Staff members will be trained on how to use the radios, shortly after winter break.

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