Janesville Police Providing Seized Vehicles to Local High Schools

Pictured is one of the seized vehicles that has been provided to the high school.

JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- The Janesville Police Department’s Gang Abatement Team and Street Crimes Unit have partnered with the School District of Janesville and the Rock County District Attorney’s Office in a project that will provide seized motor vehicles to the Janesville Parker and Janesville Craig High School auto shop programs. The high schools intend on using the vehicles to teach basic skills in automotive repair. The projects include body work, brake work, diagnostic testing, and troubleshooting projects.

It is our belief that providing youth with opportunities is the key to deterring youth from becoming involved in the gang and drug lifestyle. Additionally, our project aims to send a message to those who choose to sell drugs and participate in the gang lifestyle that this activity will not be tolerated in our community.

Janesville Parker High School received the first seized vehicle on February 18, 2013. For any additional details or questions about this project please contact Sergeant Aaron Ellis at (608) 755-3100.

A key component of the Janesville Police Department Gang Abatement Team’s mission is to work cooperatively with stakeholders and partners in law enforcement to improve the standard of living in the community. It is the Police Department's vision to establish a model project that coordinates law enforcement agencies, school districts, community organizations, and criminal justice entities to mobilize the community; to prevent, intervene and suppress youth gang activity; and to develop and change approaches to gang reduction in this community.

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