Janesville Officer Pulls Woman From Building, Caught on Camera

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JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- Incredible video from Janesville shows the exact moment an officer saved a woman from jumping off a building.

It took Officer Dan Schoonover less than 10 seconds to pull a desperate woman off the ledge of a three story building in downtown Janesville earlier in April, a rescue caught on camera by a device mounted on his glasses.

“We try to do our jobs in a safe a way as possible for us but the overall goal is to protect people's lives. Even if putting ourselves in a little bit of risk to get the job done, if that’s the cost that’s what we signed up for,” says took Officer Dan Schoonover.

He’s only been using the glasses camera for about two months, the devices can record up to 10 hours of video at a time and are being phased in for the patrol officers. The cameras, the mounts, and the training for officers add up to about a thousand dollars per unit.

"It was definitely an all-around team effort; there were 10 officers on scene that did their little things behind the scenes. Without everyone pulling their weight, nothing would have been accomplished the way it was,” says Schoonover.

After officers got her off the building, the Rock County CRISIS Intervention Team came in to provide the woman with treatment and support.

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