Insurance and Repair Companies Offering Help for Hail Damage

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STATELINE (WIFR) – More than 300,000 Stateline homes were pelted by hail this past weekend, leaving a lasting impression for some owners.

It’s not just homes damaged by hail. Cars are also affected, which is why State Farm has opened a drive-thru center on North CherryVale Boulevard. You have to make an appointment, but you get your car looked at and checked on site to cover the repairs.

Lisa Thompson’s copper roof has dents. Her light fixtures are cracked and her new hot tub cover is damaged.

“Damaged from all the heavy snow over the winter, and then we just put a new one on and then with the heavy hail that came down, damaged it again,” said Thompson.

Apex Exteriors is getting an estimate on that damage. The company has looked at about 600 homes since the weekend. Pekin Insurance is helping with the claims process, partially through its mobile office at Shopko in Belvidere.

“If it’s more convenient for someone to just drive up, then they’re more than welcome to do that,” said Pekin Property Claims Supervisor, Brent Baxter.

Insurance and repair companies are trying to make the cleanup process as easy as possible, but Stateliners say the April hail is still a nuisance.

“It’s been an inconvenience, having people come out and we’ve had a lot of people come out and take a look at the house.”

State Farm’s drive-thru center is located on North CherryVale Boulevard between Perryville and Bellschool Road. State Farm and Pekin expect to be at their drive-thru sites through the rest of the week. Apex says if you’re looking for damage on your roof, you can feel for bruising on the matting of a shingle by pushing in, so the damage won’t always be completely visible.

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