Inside Rita Crundwell's Florida Vacation Home

FLORIDA (WIFR) -- Most of Rita Crundwell's horses have been auctioned off, and now U.S. Marshals are targeting the former Dixon Comptroller's elaborately decorated Florida Vacation home. You've got to see it for yourself to be believe what's inside.

821 East Fifth is no doubt the envied house on the block. The perfectly placed palm tree, elegant entry way, custom Mediterranean roof. It is opulent throughout.

"This is the defendant's Florida vacation home," said U.S. Marshal Jason Wjdylo, an expert on all things Rita Crundwell.

Almost every piece in the 3,300 square foot home is custom made, so there is no Google cost-comparison. The Dixon comptroller laid her head in this king sized master bed, kicked back on this leather ottoman, and entertained with these bar stools.

A lady with a penchant for high end horses also likes high end details, from longhorn head to ivory toe.

“The only thing on the second floor is a master bedroom and a master bathroom. Still, Rita Crundwell built a custom elevator big enough to fit four people. No expense was spare in furnishing this property," explains Marissa Bailey with CBS 2 Chicago.

U.S. Marshals are still trying to tally the value of Crundwell's Florida furniture, but they won't publicize the results. As for her criminal case, Crundwell will be back in court on Halloween.

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