Injured Marine Spreads Message of Hope to Fellow Veterans

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POPLAR GROVE (WIFR) -- A local veteran who was paralyzed from the chest down back in 2003 has turned his disability into a message of hope for others.

Marine Corporal Noah Currier hasn't let his wheel chair stop him from jumping out of airplanes and skiing down mountains and he hopes other wounded vets will do the same.

"I’ve done it all; you've got to lead by example,” says Currier.
Currier’s clothing company, Oscar Mike, celebrates its one year anniversary Sunday, and Currier’s mission to inspire other disabled veterans is spreading across the nation. Currier says he’s committed to staying active.

“Oscar Mike is radio jargon for on the move and it ties in to our mission to keep injured veterans on the move," he adds.

Currier was paralyzed nine years ago when the military truck we was in rolled down a hill. He and a buddy created and sold a t-shirt to pay for more physical therapy. It was then he realized, making t-shirts could do a whole lot more for other injured veterans.

"We really just wanted to give our peers with newer injuries a reason to get out and try this stuff sooner than later. Everybody goes through a funk after their accidents. It’s hard to deal with being paralyzed or losing limbs," says Currier.

Oscar Mike is now a full-fledged company making t-shirts, hats, and more. Currier is currently designing a new line of heroes series t-shirts to honor individual veterans who've been wounded in action. The Oscar Mike Foundation raised $15,000 last year to help disabled veterans play sports like rugby. The Oscar mike foundation has also helped send athletes to events like the Veteran Wheelchair Games.

“When you start getting involved in adaptive sports, you start setting goals and getting motivated. You start working out more and trashing for things. It saved my life and is responsible for saving a lot of other people's lives," says Currier.

He’s even got a special wheelchair for when he plays rugby, or as it’s sometimes called, murder ball. Next weekend, Currier and a group of injured vets are traveling to Milwaukee to take part in a quad rugby tournament. The entire trip is being sponsored by the Oscar Mike Foundation.

Oscar Mike:

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