Improving Community and Police Relationship

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Our local chapter of the NAACP is encouraging the community and police officers to work closer together.

Rockford Police have been busy over the last few weeks dealing with murders and other crimes and officers remain busy, trying to find those responsible.

“One of the main factors that prevent us as a community from solving crimes and reducing crimes and victimization is a lack of cooperation from community members,” said Lloyd Johnston II, President of the Rockford NAACP.

That’s why Johnston is launching a new campaign to improve relationships with police. He says residents must also be able to trust officers to follow the right procedures.

Rhonda Greer Robinson, a teacher at the Booker Washington Center says something has to be done because crime is out of control.

“I think this with the NAACP will be a good way of saying hey, look listen and learn, because if they don’t, what are we going to have?” said Robinson.

Belinda Yancy volunteers at Booker. She says this initiative is a step in the right direction and she’s encouraging the community to come forward.

“Just be bold, and be strong and be confident and if there’s a person that they trust, just go to that person in confidentiality,” Yancy said.

Yancy hopes that kind of communication will cut down crime.

There will be a soft launch for the “Advancing Effective Law Enforcement Initiative” this Saturday at the Booker Washington Center. One session will be at noon, the other at 4:30. The full campaign launches on July 27th at the public library at 1 p.m.

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