Improvements to Pedestrian Safety Along East State Street

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- "It's a point of worry obviously not being able to have people safely cross the street."

Seth Frisbee says he worries about his hotel guests at the Hilton Garden Inn every time they ask for walking directions to places along east state street.

"This side of the street has the sidewalk so it's easy passage from the Clock Tower up the road to our side. The trouble is the other side of the road int hat there's no safe passage across East State Street," said Seth Frisbee, manager at the Hilton Garden Inn.

There's no sidewalk on the Northside of State. That's left many people to walk along the street. The city of Rockford and Winnebago County workers hope new crosswalks will help improve pedestrian safety as part of a 6 million dollar project.

People will have to use the sidewalk near the Hilton Garden Inn and cross at Bell School Road to get to the other side of the street. Workers are also planning to add street lights so drivers and walkers can see the road better at night.

"You hate to see anything happen, it's something that probably couldn't been preventable if you know proper crosswalks, a bridge or even a tunnel would be in place to allow pedestrian traffic across state street," said Frisbee.

That's something Frisbee says will hopefully help protect future guests.

Construction on crosswalks at Bell School Road is expected to start next summer. Workers will also add a traffic light and crosswalks at the corner of Walton and Bell School Road that's near the Holiday Inn.

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