Impact of Rockford University Changes

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – There are some favorable changes happening at Rockford University. Today is the first day back to school and the first year with a “university” title.

This is Jeremiah Montgomery’s fourth year at Rockford University, but “University” wasn’t always part of his schools name.

“Every time I go home, my friends ask me what school I go to and I say Rockford College and they say that’s a school? Now, it’s Rockford University so now students that graduate from here will be more proud to say oh, I graduated from Rockford University,” said Montgomery.

Kyle Grew is a freshman this year. He says University just sounds better.

“It just rolls off the tongue better. It’s more prestigious I guess.”

However, a new name isn’t the only thing new on campus.

“Part of it is the “Rock Solid” advertising campaign, all of our materials now say “Rock Solid” on them. We have this new look, this new feel, the renovation projects that were recently announced for the student center and gymnasium,” said Dr. Eric Fulcomer, Vice President for Enrollment Management.

Students believe all the changes will attract more people to the school.

“We’re kind of competing with NIU and things like that but I think it’s very unique and I think it brings something good to Rockford.

“I think more people will want to come here, not just because it’s Rockford University, but I think that will help for sure.”

Rockford University is hoping to attract more international students, since it’s a global school. They expect to have around 1,200 students this year but would like to see even more next school year.

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