Immigrant Driver's License Bill Passes Senate

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Members of the Illinois Senate voted today on a measure that will ensure safer roadways across out state. Senate Bill 957 will provide a means for those without a Social Security number to apply for a Temporary Visitor Driver’s License. Specifically, applicants will have to provide the Secretary of State’s Office with documentation that established they have lived in Illinois for over a year and can prove their identity with a valid passport or consular identification document.

Once a Temporary Visitor Driver’s License has been obtained, the holder will be subject to the same examination requirements, mandatory insurance provisions, and the same traffic violation penalties as any other driver within the state of Illinois.

“As a police officer, I support this effort to ensure drivers are licensed and insured. This Temporary Visitor Driver’s License will make our roads safer and bring down the cost of insurance for all drivers.”
---Senator Antonio Munoz

“Without access to a Social Security number, those who are undocumented cannot get a driver’s license, which represents a risk for all of us on our roads. I support this measure led by President Cullerton to make sure all motorists in this state are trained, tested, insured and drive legally.”
---Senator Martin Sandoval

“Working class people should be able to drive to feed their families and ensure their children are transported to school safely. This measure will ensure the insurance costs go down and our roads become even safer.”
---Senator William Delgado

“This measure’s focus is to make the roads in Illinois safer through ensuring all drivers, including undocumented immigrants, are properly trained on the rules of the road and obtain insurance. This issue has been discussed for many years, and with the growing immigrant population in Illinois, its opponents have realized that ignoring the issue does not ensure the safety of our communities.”
---Senator Iris Martinez

“I believe this is an important safety issue for the District. As Mayor, and now State Senator, I believe it is vital that we pass legislation that will make our roads safer and ensure that everyone receives the necessary roadway training and testing.”
---Senator Steve Landek

“We are adapting our state laws to reflect the growing population of immigrants in America. This is an issue of public safety, and our communities benefit from the passage of this measure. Accidents involving uninsured drivers cause an estimated $630 million in damages each year. With the temporary driver’s licenses, these drivers will be given proper driving tests to ensure they can safely drive a vehicle and that they are familiar will Illinois’ driving laws.”
---Senator Don Harmon

“I am pleased with action taken today to provide undocumented immigrants with the means to legally get to and from. This legislation will offer Temporary Visitor Driver’s Licenses to undocumented immigrants that will be valid for driving purposes only, and will increase highway safety by reducing the share of uninsured drivers on our roadways.”
---Senator Linda Holmes

“The more tested and insured drivers there are, the safer our roads will be. While citizenship is a federal matter, ensuring our roads are safer is a state matter. There were a number of safeguards built into the bill as a result of bipartisan compromise.”
---Senator Pat McGuire

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