Illinois Twins Convention Comes to Rockford

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – You’ve probably seen a lot of twins around town since Friday. That’s because of large group of them are visiting Rockford for the 49th Annual Illinois Twins Convention at the Discovery Center Museum.

“To be a twin is the most awesome thing in the world,” Francie Shaffer said.

Everywhere you look, you’re seeing double. Twins of all ages invade Rockford for one special weekend. For some of them, there’s nothing better than having a twin sibling.

“We have a blast together,” Shaffer said about her sister Frankie. “We’re best friends. We do pretty much everything together.”

This year’s Illinois Twins Convention is the first held in the Stateline. Roger Christin and his brother Rodney helped the Illinois Twin Association put it together.

“Since we never had it in Rockford before, a lot of people didn't even know where Rockford was,” Roger said.

Jean Polson and her sister Jane are fraternal twins, so they don’t look exactly alike.

“I was born a twin, I have twins,” Jean says.

That’s right. She had twin boys, Dylan and Dane.

“I tell my boys, you may fight now, but when you become an adult they will be your best friend forever,” explained Jean. “That’s what twin are.”

Some pairs say they've used their gift to pull pranks on others.

“The teacher would call on one of us and say, ‘Hey, Frankie,’ and she’d say, ‘No, I’m Francie,’ and then we’d get caught,” Francie’s sister Frankie said.

“Dane got in trouble for throwing snow,” Jean’s son Dylan said, “he took his glasses off and said it was me.”

“We didn’t and I wish we did,” Jean Menzies said.

There’s no denying the bond these siblings have.

“When you get older you’ll realize how special that bond is and how much it really means to have someone that is always there for you,” Jean Polson said.

It’s a connection most of us will never know.

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