Illinois Senate Approves Ban on Ticket Quotas

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) -- Legislation that would ban police departments from issuing quotas on tickets has been approved in the Illinois Senate.

The bill prevents any law enforcement agency from requiring officers to write a certain number of traffic citations within a specific time period. Police officers also couldn't be evaluated on the number of citations they issue.

Local police chiefs say their officers don't have a quota tickets every month and their focus is more on the amount of contacts they make in the community during their shift, whether that's taking a report about a stolen bike or writing a ticket for not wearing a seat belt.

"I think we're more responsible to the public than just driving safety; although that is a huge part of our job we also owe it to the community to make sure that they feel safe and that they feel connected and a part of the community and we listen to them," says Rockton Police Chief Steve Dickson.

The measure was drafted by Sen. Andy Manar, a Democrat from Bunker Hill.

It was approved Thursday on a 57-1 vote.

The lone vote against the bill came from Sen. Tim Bivins, a Republican who was once the sheriff in Lee County.

"For example, an officer in 2 months hasn't made an arrest, written a citation, and you try to discipline them or correct them, they file a grievance or unfair labor practice saying 'You can't tell me, I don't have to write tickets.' You'll always have humans being humans and take advantage of the system and that's part of the problem I saw with this law," says Senator Tim Bivins.

The measure now heads to the Illinois House.

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