Illinois Ban on Concealed Carry Struck Down

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ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- Christmas has arrived early for state gun advocates. A federal appeals court has ruled the Illinois law that makes it illegal to carry guns in public, is unconstitutional.

You'll have to be a little more patient, because you can't have a gun in public just yet. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals is giving lawmakers 180 days to craft a new law - one that makes it legal to carry a gun in public. As always, people are split on the decision.

"We're going to have more people on the streets carrying guns which means there's going to be an increase of accidental shootings,” said Stanley Campbell with Rockford Urban Ministries.

"This is great news. Being the only state not to allow citizens to protect themselves never made sense,” said Sen. Dave Syverson, (R) 34th District.

The court found that the second amendment does create a right to defend yourself, even when you're not at home, partly because people are more likely to be attacked in the streets.

The court wrote "A Chicagoan is a good deal more likely to be attacked on a sidewalk in a rough neighborhood than in his apartment on the 35th floor of the park tower." it argued if law abiding citizens are walking the streets with a gun, criminals may think twice.”

I believe that concealed carry will make Illinois a safer place, will make Winnebago county a safer place,” said Winnebago County State’s Attorney, Joe Bruscato. He also added, “Individuals will have to apply for concealed carry permit and there will probably be some training attached to that."

Senator Syverson says he thinks a new law can be voted on as early as January, because there won't be as much political bickering between parties, but how restricted it will be is still up in the air.

If they don’t come up with a new law, the case goes back to the courts and the judges could come up with a law, but nobody thinks it will come to that. Attorney General Lisa Madigan released a statement today saying she's reviewing what legal steps can be taken in the meantime.

CHICAGO (AP) -- A federal appeals court has struck down a ban on carrying concealed weapons in Illinois -- the only state where carrying concealed weapons is entirely illegal.

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals announced Tuesday that state lawmakers have 180 days to write a new law that legalizes concealed carry.

The ruling is a victory for gun rights advocates, who argue that the prohibition against concealed weapons violates the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment and what they see as Americans' right to carry guns for self-defense.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office says it is reviewing the ruling and would comment Tuesday.

The ruling stems from a lawsuit filed by former corrections officer Michael Moore of Champaign, farmer Charles Hooks of Percy in southeastern Illinois and the Bellevue, Wash.-based Second Amendment Foundation.

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