Identical Twins Head For College at 16

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ORFORDVILLE, Wis. (AP) -- They can finish each other's sentences. And, their looks can confuse strangers.

But it's their academic accomplishments that make identical twins Marina and Haley Gookin standout from the crowd. The girls have compiled high school grade point averages above 4.0 and are headed for Boston University this fall at age 16.

The Orfordville twins joke that they've spent much of their high school in their pajamas. They will graduate next week from Wisconsin Virtual Academy after turning to more challenging online studies, including four Advanced Placement courses.

The Janesville Gazette says that after sharing a bedroom while growing up, the twins won't bunk together at BU. Marina joked that if they shared the same dorm room there might be only one twin left by the end of the year.

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