Ice Cream Man Murderer Sentenced to 70 Years

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The man who shot an ice cream vendor in the middle of the street in the summer of 2007 will spend the next 70 years behind bars.

Isidro Duran came to Rockford to work as an ice cream man in the summers, and four years ago he was gunned down in the street by three men who wanted his money.

Today a judge sentenced Rafael Santos, the man who fired the fatal bullet, saying he just can't get over how senseless the crime was.

Duran's daughters testified they can barely stand the summer months, as it reminds them of their dad selling ice cream.

Santos told the judge he was sorry, and at the time of the crime he was a boy, just 17 years old, who wanted to act like a man without knowing what a man was.

Prosecutors asked he go away for at least 85 years. The judge gave him 70, saying he had hope Santos would become a better person in prison.

Santos had two co-defendants in this case. They each got 20 years in prison.

Santos got more time because he fired the gun, which added an extra 25 years to his sentence.

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