IRLB Issues Complaint Against the City of Rockford

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ROCKFORD (ILRB) -- On or about July 30, 2010, the PBPA 6 President, Terrence Peterson, issued an informational letter of concerns to Rockford City Council members.

A recipient copy of that letter came into the possession of members of the local media.

In suspected retaliation an investigation was conducted against the representatives of the Rockford Police Union’s members.

The Police Union filed with the Illinois Labor Relations Board for investigation of an Unfair Labor Practice against Deputy Chief Booker, the Department and the City of Rockford.

On Friday, March 4, 2011 the Union’s St. Charles based Attorney, Tim O’Neil, advised the PBPA 6 President of the issuance of a complaint by the ILRB against Deputy Chief Michael Booker and the City of Rockford for engaging in an Unfair Labor Practice.

You can download a copy of the complaint by clicking here

The City of Rockford issued the following press release:

City Hall announced that the City and Union agreed last week to the Illinois State Labor Board’s suggestion of mediation of the Union’s Unfair Labor Practice charge against the City of Rockford. Contrary to the Press Release issued by PB&PA Unit #6, the City is the sole party to the complaint. No individual member of the City’s command staff is a party to the complaint or required to respond to the charge.

The complaint stems from the City’s internal investigation into the unauthorized release of information regarding a pending criminal investigation. Contrary to the allegations of the Union’s Complaint, the City’s investigation was appropriate. “This internal investigation focused on the unauthorized disclosure of details of an ongoing criminal investigation involving members of this community. The trust between the department and our citizens, and the integrity of the criminal investigation was threatened by the disclosure," explained City Legal Director Patrick Hayes.

“The PB&PA leadership has every right to advance the interests of their members’ wages, benefits and conditions of employment, and the City will not interfere with those rights,” Hayes continued, “In previous discussions with the PB&PA, the Union has recognized that their advocacy should not include details of pending investigations. We hope that remains the position of the Police Union and its members.”

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