IEPA: Water and Soil Near NovaKem Plant is Safe

SEWARD (WIFR) -- The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency says the area surrounding the Seward chemical plant that exploded back in June is safe; however, experts say corn leaves from a field near the building showed signs of chemical stress.

Information came out during a town hall meeting in Seward on Wednesday. Members of the IEPA met with neighbors to answer questions about health concerns. The NovaKem plant experienced a fire and explosion earlier this summer, which caused the entire town to evacuate. Spokespeople with the IEPA say they didn't find anything out of the ordinary in soil, water, and plant samples taken after the incident. The IEPA says it will continue to take samples from near the site to make sure all chemical hazards are gone.

NovaKem has been allowed to operate at the same location. Workers will be allowed to make a nitrate solution until the end of November.

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