UPDATE: Practice Velocity Plans Move Forward

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MACHESNEY PARK (WIFR) -- Machesney Park Village leaders are moving forward with plans to bring a new tenant to the Machesney Park Mall.

Practice Velocity, a medical billing company, wants to set up shop inside the old Kohl's store. The village finance committee will take up the issue on February 19th. If approved the full village board could vote on March 4th. Practice Velocity says the move will allow them to create at least 75 new positions over the next three years.

MACHESNEY PARK (WIFR) -- Hundreds of jobs could be headed to the old Machesney Park mall as a new company looks to move in. The old Kohl's building in the former Machesney Park mall has set empty for years, but that could soon change.

Winnebago County's loan committee has approved a $700,000 loan for Practice Velocity. The company provides software for electronic medical records and billing. For urgent care centers, they want to move 245 jobs from their forest hills location and add at least 75 new positions over the next three years. After that, 20 to 40 new jobs could be created each year, with salaries ranging from $20,000 to $89,000,

"We need good paying jobs in the village in the county, in the whole area,” said Kay Mullins with the Winnebago County Board.

With all the new jobs, local businesses could see more business like Big Papa's BBQ, one of just two restaurants next to Machesney Park mall.

The owner of big papa's says the move would be good for the entire community. “I think any new growth is exciting, to see this type of development happen,” said Kimberly Anderson.

Practice Velocity hopes to close on the property in about two weeks, if they receive all of their requested loans.

The county loan still needs to be approved by the full board. Practice Velocity is also asking for a $250,000 loan from the Village of Machesney Park. A committee still has to vote on that. They're also waiting to finalize a $4.4 million dollar loan from the state. Representatives say if any one of the loans falls through, the project may not happen.

If all the loans are approved.. The company will completely renovate the space, and it could be up and running by the fall. They're also confident about more job creation, because under the president's health care plan, medical centers will have to use electronic records, leaving more work for Practice Velocity.

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