How to Keep Data Secure in the Cloud

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- If celebrities aren't protected on the internet, how are we? The question of security top of mind again after a number of naked photos are leaked, photos that were stored on a cloud service.

It seems more people are using cloud services. Rockford University IT Director P.J. Way says many of us may not even realize it. So we asked the question just how safe are they and how protected are we.

"It comes down to the basics. Same basic principles you would have on your home PC you should still follow the same principles on the cloud," Way said.

Way says iCloud isn't the only cloud service. Most of what Google does is cloud based and more companies are turning to cloud services because of the benefits they provide, but we are trusting someone else to keep our information safe when uploading to "the cloud".

Way says hackers are all over the world are constantly looking to gain information but they're more than likely to attack bigger businesses and higher profile people, like celebrities, not so much the average Joe but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take our security seriously.

"In a connected environment there's always a door there's always a way in essentially, so it's not full proof," Ways said.

Way says we should do the same things we do with any other internet service if we want to be protected. Have a really strong password that's complicated and don't give it out. Also, use different passwords for every cloud service you use, but at the end of the day if someone really wants to hack in they can.

Way says another way we can understand how safe we are is when signing up for a cloud service ask the company what security measures they use.

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