How to Help Keep Our Cars Safer in Cold Weather

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Not many of us will want to leave our houses tomorrow, but for those who do we talked to experts and found out the best ways to ensure your cars safety against the extrme cold.

Checking coolant levels is important in cold weather according to Firestone Auto Care.

They say coolant is used to help warm our cars up in the winter months. Firestone says if we don't have enough coolant our cars can freeze and damage our vehicles.

They also say to make sure your battery works properly. If you don't know how to check on your own they say Firestone will check it for free, for you.

Firestone also says to check your tire pressure, as well.

"Keep a check on your psi on the tires because it is going to lose some psi.. the colder the weather gets the more you're gonna lose out of those tires"

Firestone says to buy the coolant with a 50/50 on the lable. Some coolants require you to mix it with other solutions, but they say the 50/50 coolant allows you to pour it directly into your car. They say you can buy the solution at most grocery and convenient stores.

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