How To Protect Gadgets From the Deep Freeze

MGN Online

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- We shell out a lot of cash for our electronic gadgets, so we may want to re-think leaving certain electronics in our cars this winter.

Experts say GPS units, Bluetooth devices for our cell phones and other battery powered electronics shouldn't be left in our cars if it’s below freezing. That’s because the lithium ion batteries inside can freeze and crack, making our gadgets useless. This unusual deep freeze we've had this winter can also cause LCD screens to slow down and even shatter. Laptops left in the cold can have their hard drives expand and break.

“If you do have an item that has been outside and you bring it inside, you want to not power it on because what will happen is from the coldness and moving into a warm room, it’s going to cause condensation inside of our item which will build up liquid and damage the product itself," says Lisa Sou from Radio Shack in Rockford.

Experts say we should wait until our phones warm up to room temperature before trying to turn them on and using them.

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