How Much is Love Worth? Valentine's Day by the Numbers

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- If you didn't know it's Valentine's Day, you're probably in some trouble. For those who remembered, the holiday is bringing love to significant others, and to local retailers too.

Little Anthony Garcia says he forgot to buy his first grade love a valentine this year, a crucial mistake that apparently starts at a young age.

It turns out 64% of men don't start planning for February 14th until: February 14th.

"I'm not good at the gift giving you could say.”

Justin Tiesman will spend more than 100 dollars on his love this holiday, pretty close to the national average, ringing in at $130 per person.

"I’d rather fix the car though.. we're having car trouble,” Tiesman said.

Not to put any pressure on Tiesman, but a Bloomberg Business study shows, more than half of women surveyed will break up with a lover who did not buy them a gift.

That's probably not a concern for Andy Maxwell who surprised and serenaded his wife with a barbershop singing group at Chilis.

"I thought uh oh when I saw the camera, but it was very sweet,” said Maxwell.

Other sweet gestures 189 million roses will be sold today alone, a gesture some guys like Garcia wish they had thought of earlier.

The study also says 15% of women end up sending themselves flowers. A special thanks to Johnson Elementary School for letting us join in on their party today.

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