Illinois House to Meet Sunday

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ILLINOIS (WIFR) -- The big item on the agenda this weekend for the House is pension reform. State Pension accounts are at least $96-billion in debt.

Local representative Jim Sacia says Governor Quinn met with DuPage County Lawmakers today and he says there’s a new proposal to fix Illinois’ Broken pension system. Sacia says he hasn’t seen the measure yet, but he’s heard that local school districts would not have to pick up the tab as discussed in the past.

“It does not cost shift the cost of the pensions back to the communities and that would be huge, I know how significant that is to all of our communities,” said Sacia.

The lame duck session ends Wednesday, so pension reform must pass by then, otherwise a new legislature will have to take up the issue, after new members are sworn in. The House could also discuss gaming legislation and giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

As for the bills Senate Committees passed on gay marriage and a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons, the House can only vote on the bills if they draft a new bill, which takes time. The House could not vote on a Senate committee bill since it didn’t go to the full Senate.

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