Hononegah High School Ready for First Day

UPDATE: ROCKTON (WIFR) – Students head back to class tomorrow at Hononegah High School. A month ago, that’s something District Leaders didn’t think would happen.

A flood leaked six feet of water into the school’s basement in July. Half of the building was in the dark and there was no air conditioning or internet. We stopped by the school today where everything is back to normal. Teachers had to wait a few extra days to prepare their classrooms, but now the building is ready for students, something district leaders call a miracle.

“It was different to be taken back in time for about two full weeks in the last month. We would go to start emailing and realize we couldn’t, so we’re just happy to have all that back. Students will not see any differences from when they left last fall.

The flood caused more than $600,000 worth of damage. Most of that was covered by insurance. Repairs on the building will continue for the next several months.

ROCKTON (WIFR) -- With the school year just around the corner and everybody getting ready, things are a bit more complicated at Hononegah High School.

Today maintenance workers continued to make nearly $700,000 in repairs. They're installing a new hot water heater, electrical system, boilers, and a fire alarm, all of which were badly damaged by a freak case of flooding last month. Fortunately, insurance will cover most of it.

The school's superintendent says they hope to at least have the power back on by the first day of classes.

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