Homes Damaged by Flooding

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ROSCOE (WIFR) -- River levels across the Stateline are falling, but at a very slow pace.

Today, some people are getting a first look inside their homes, severely damaged by flood waters. We followed up with Roscoe’s Goff family as they try to come back from their second flood in the last four years.

Four plastic crates and a few nails are all that’s holding up Stacy Goff’s first floor belongings. The rest have been moved upstairs away from the Rock River that’s seeped into her family’s home.

“It’s sad, very sad. It’s just hard,” said Goff.

The flood damage is a hard sight to see, but a familiar one for Roscoe’s Edgemere Terrace neighborhood. This is the second time floodwaters have destroyed the Goff’s home.

“People who have lived here for years are used to it but it’s at a point now where it gets too high too fast.”

The sound of power washing machines replace what’s typically described as a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Canoes and other boats sit on a small hill near the road that’s become impassible. The Goffs are pushing through the high waters in a mini-van which many consider dangerous.

Even as the high waters lower the spirits of these homeowners, what the Goffs call a beautiful sight is what has become a sign of optimism.

Stateline rivers are expected to fall under flood stage by early next week.

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