Homeowners Cleaning Up After Flood

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- Despite the sunny weather today, flooding along the Rock River is still a serious problem across the Stateline.

Although we haven’t seen rain since Friday, flooding continues to leave many homes submerged and the only transportation for some is still by boat.

Carol Shoudy and her husband have lived by the river in Machesney Park for 25 years and flooding is nothing new to them. They have plenty of pumps going and sand bags if needed, but for now, everything seems to be okay, despite water levels that aren’t really moving.

"It's staying about the same I think today. I measure by my smiley face out there by the river. It's under his chin. In 2008, it was through his eyeballs,” said Shoudy.

Shoudy says they have been making the best of the situation and today’s weather. Her husband even joked about having their own private island. They are just hoping the water starts to go down.

If you’re looking for help with clean up, the Salvation Army is passing out kits through the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department in Edgemere Terrace, Blackhawk Island, and Machesney Park.

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