UPDATE: Energy Supplier Decision Required by Aug. 6

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – If you’ve looked at your electric bill, you’ve probably noticed you’ll have to dig deeper into your wallet to pay it. That’s because places like Rockford have new energy suppliers through electrical aggregation.

City administrators say homeowners will see an $18 increase on their electric bills come October.. That’s because of high energy demand, especially after the harsh winter. You’ll notice a letter in the mail from Constellation, Rockford’s new energy supplier. If we want ComEd or another company, we’ll have to opt out of the city’s electrical aggregation program.

We need to make sure we fill out the opt out form and send it to Constellation by August 6th. If we don’t, we’ll be automatically enrolled in the aggregation program. If we already have a 3rd party supplier, we won’t be enrolled. If at any point we change our minds and want ComEd later, we can cancel with Constellation without paying a fee.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Rockford homeowners will have until next week to decide whether to have ComEd deliver electricity or switch to a new supplier the city just struck a deal with.

Letters about the change are just hitting people’s mailboxes. Rockford City Council approved Constellation as a new energy supplier through its electric aggregation program. Homeowners could save $4 a year by having Constellation deliver electricity, but people can choose to stick with ComEd as well.

We’ll see the change on our electric bills in September.

UPDATE: Keep an eye on your mailbox. The City of Rockford just sent out letters explaining the next steps for electrical aggregation.

Rates have gone up, but the city has secured a price that should save homeowners about $4 a year compared to the current ComEd rate.

STATELINE (WIFR) – While some local communities are sticking with electrical aggregation to save money, others are switching back to ComEd.

No matter where we live, come September, we’ll all have to dig deeper in our wallets to keep the lights on.

“In the earlier aggregated, couple of years ago the better the price was. So, unfortunately we are not able to offer that kind of savings at this point in time,” said Belvidere Mayor Mike Chamberlain.

Mayor Chamberlain says the city is suspending its electrical aggregation program. He says ComEd is now cheaper so the city is switching back to the company as its energy supplier. Most communities are paying 4.66 cents cheaper per kilowatt hour right now, but that will almost double this fall. Mayor Chamberlain says private suppliers were offering rates higher than 8 cents, compared to ComEd’s price tag of 7.93 cents.

Rockford will switch to Constellation as their supplier at a rate of 7.37 cents, just slightly cheaper than ComEd. City administrators say that will save homeowners $4 a year. Loves Park also will use Constellation as its energy supplier.

“We were able to lock in a rate that's a little bit lower than ComEd for the next 2 years so that's the whole purpose of it. we're not overly excited that the rates have gone up."

A rep from the Citizen’s Utilities Board says many communities are opting out of electrical aggregation because the market has changed. He says the easiest way to cut down our electric bills is to be more energy efficient.

We’re told ComEd doesn’t lose money from cities choosing private companies because they make money through power lines and infrastructure.

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