Homeowner Worries Tall Grass Will Lower Property Values

MACHESNEY PARK (WIFR) -- A Machesney Park man says the village is wasting our money by going in circles with one property owner all over mowing the lawn.

"It's really frustrating," Homeowner Dave Tucker said.

The Machesney Park homeowner says every summer for the last five years he's had to fight to get the grass cut in the empty lot behind his home.

"It makes for an eyesore. There are still areas that haven't been touched by the mowers and you can see they're three and four foot tall," he explained.

Tucker says mowers showed up about half an hour after he told Machesney Park Village leaders he was calling 23 News. The weeds growing around stakes and light poles still haven't been touched.

The property is owned by Petry Development Group. Machesney Park’s Planning and Zoning Inspector says the village has received complaints about the lot, but adds Petry has always mowed at the village's request.

Tucker says that sporadic maintenance isn't enough.

"There are a couple of homes that are for sale in the subdivision and they have to drive through this to get to the home. You know if you're going to drive through that and see how it's being maintained now, what’s the likelihood of you purchasing? Or are you going to purchase somewhere that's well maintained?” Tucker asked.

We did reach out to Petry Development but never heard back.

Machesney Park leaders say workers investigate all claims. If the grass is too tall the property owner has 10 days to cut it, otherwise the city will at the owner’s expense. However, there is no limit as to how many times a claim can be filed against the same property so it can turn into a never-ending cycle.

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