Homeowner Says City to Blame for Roach Problem

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FREEPORT (WIFR) – A Freeport homeowner says the city should pay for a bug problem she now has to deal with after crews demolished a vacant home.

The homeowner says ever since the city came and demolished a home that was deemed an emergency last month, her house has been infested with bugs. She went to the city to get help getting rid of her pesky problem and she feels like she’s getting stonewalled.

“I literally fell to the floor bawling, because I felt really disgusted and like I was never going to be able to get rid of them, especially since we’ve spent money on chemicals and they’re still crawling around.”

Mandi McGregor says the house next to hers on Clark Street in Freeport was in bad shape. When the city came out to inspect, leaders decided the home was to be demolished immediately. That’s when McGregor says her problems began – roaches taking over her home, some upstairs, other in the kitchen.

Mandi says her biggest concern is preparing food for her son and grabbing a container and finding a bug inside.

Mayor Jim Gitz says the city is offering to help McGregor fix the proble. Her family has to fill out some paperwork and go through the city’s insurance process, which the mayor says the 23-year-old mother hasn’t done.

McGregor say she feels the city is trying to avoid responsibility, giving her the run-around and forcing her to pay for a problem she never had before.

“We’re supposed to be a city. You would think that you’re supposed to work together to fix issues and that’s not how it works,”

Mandi says whether the city will help her family or not, she still needs to get rid of the pests and will do whatever it takes, even if it costs her money.

Freeport Mayor Jim Gitz says his office isn’t running away from helping McGregor and that if she feels the damage is bad enough, she should fill out the paper work and follow the procedure everyone else has to follow to get help. However, McGregor doesn’t want to go another day with roaches in her home.

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