Holocaust Survivor Speaks at Yom Hashoah Memorial Observance

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Fewer survivors of the Holocaust are alive to share their stories and while communities around the world pause to remember the millions of Jews and other victims who died, the Stateline learns from one woman who lived through the horrors of the Nazi regime.

“There is a nucleus of survivors who will carry the burden in their heart and not share it. Not that they don’t want to share it, but they can't share it. I am able to do it and I feel if my message is heard and the word never again will have a full meaning, I will have accomplished something," says Holocaust survivor Magda Brown.

Brown was 17 in 1944 when she and her family were deported from their home in Hungary to the concentration camp Auschwitz. Brown lost both of her parents in the camp, and almost died herself. She was rescued by two American soldiers. She has since spent her life sharing her experiences. Local high school students say they were honored to hear Brown's story.

“Think it will definitely stick with me later on in life because it's really hard to see people who are so nice and wonderful, to hear they've been hurt like that in their life and it makes me realize how grateful I am for everything I have in life,” says 10th grade student August Cole. “I think it's really important for us to stay connected to the Holocaust because it still affects people today."

The Jewish Federation of Greater Rockford sponsored Sunday’s Yom Hashoah Memorial Observance. The group also collects stories from survivors like Brown to pass on to future generations. To check those out, you can visit the federation's website at: http://jewishrockford.org/

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