Hiring Agencies Helping MetLife Layoffs

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Hundreds of employees could be getting some much needed help, just a week after MetLife announced it is closing in Freeport.

Now, local employment agencies are already stepping in to help workers find work.

Vanessa Hughes says some MetLife employees aren't wasting any time in looking for a new job, just days after the insurance company announced it's closing its Freeport location.

Vanessa is the president of Hughes Resources, a Freeport employment agency. She says workers may not have trouble finding other jobs.

"We've got a lot of clerical positions and things that we can connect them with."

"We're looking forward to getting to know the people that have worked at MetLife."

Kris Bradbury with Spherion says she's committed to helping workers by matching their skill set with that of available positions throughout the Freeport Area.

"This is our home, we're going to do everything we can for their best interest, we're going to direct market their skill set, contact our clients, perspectives, do everything we can," said Bradbury.

"Are there 200 jobs immediately for the people who are losing theirs? No, it'll take a little bit, but there's always jobs available so I think there's a lot of hope for people to find other things."

About 400 employees are on the payroll at MetLife, yet half of them will be able to work from home. These layoffs are expected to happen in the next few months. Those jobs will then be relocated to Ohio.

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