Hilander Stores Hit By Hackers

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Thousands of shoppers in Rockford are being told to check their credit and debit card accounts. A few weeks ago we told you Schnucks, which owns Logli and Hilander had a security breach. We've now learned just how large it was.

Janine Caruana shops at the Rural Street Hilander a few times a week and recently noticed some strange activity with her bank account. It's possible she's one of 2.4 million Schnucks shoppers involved in a credit fraud scheme.

"Don't know if the two are connected, but it maybe could be because that's one of my major expenses,” said Caruana.

An investigation found hackers stole Schnucks customers credit and debit card numbers, but no identifying information like the cardholder's name or address. Schnucks, which owns Logli and Hilander stores says 79 of it's 100 stores were affected by the breach, including Hilander stores on 11th street, Alpine, Mulford and Rural in Rockford, as well as the stores in Cherry Valley and Roscoe. Anyone who used a credit or debit card at those stores between December 10th and March 29th could be at risk.

Shoppers are warned to watch their accounts closely and call their bank or credit card company if they see something suspicious.

"An investigation will ensue there and then follow through with what procedures you need to do to ensure those are removed and you are compensated,” said Dennis Horton with the Better Business Bureau.
Caruana says even though getting a new card is a headache she won't stop shopping at Hilander.

"With technology the way it is now-a-days you can be on any site on the internet and all of a sudden get hit. It's all around us."

Schnucks apologized for the issue and says it is safe to use credit and debit cards again at it's stores. Also, most credit card companies and banks will reimburse you for the charges, but if yours doesn't Schnucks will.

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