Higher Demand for Chocolate Means Higher Prices

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It's not so sweet news for us chocolate lovers. This holiday season we are most likely going to have shell out more cash for our cocoa.

Higher demand for chocolate in Asia due to that continent's expanding middle class has caused the price of cocoa butter to nearly double over the last six months. Forcing many chocolatiers to pass on those increased costs to us. Daniel Nelson is the owner of Chocolat by Daniel on East State Street. He says that his decision to buy inventory two years in advance will help keep costs down now.

"I saw this fiscal mess coming several years ago and I made the decision if I was going to stay in business, I would need the chocolate. That's kind of non negotiable. So I arrived to that conclusion and here we are," Nelson said.

Worldwide sweet tooth's are expected to munch through 7.4 tons of chocolate in 2013. That's a two percent increase from last year.