High Temperatures on Turf

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- With little to no relief from the heat, high school coaches and athletes are changing their approach to their upcoming match ups.

Auburn’s varsity team is reaching the end of their walk through for Friday night's game and the Jefferson Jayhawks are also here familiarizing themselves with the artificial playing surface.

However, neither of these practices went down as they were originally drawn up. Because this summer's extreme heat has pushed into high school football season, District 205 has advised all of its coaches to make sure there are ample amounts of hydration options and breaks available during their practices. While coaches say they do plan to take more breaks than usual, it's important for their student athletes to be educated on hydration.

"Dealing with hot weather is fact of life for athletes in Northern Illinois in August. It's one of those things that hopefully every coach prepares for and the kids have had some education on the hydration process,” said Dan Appino, Auburn Head Coach.

Usually, the Thursday night walk-through practice for Friday night’s game involves both helmets and pads, but due to the heat, Auburn has decided to just go with the helmets

There has been some discussion on how much hotter the artificial surface would be to play on, come game time. District 205 says the turf would only add about five more degrees and would cool down quickly as the sun sets just after kick off.

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