Beloit Police are Cracking Down on Heroin

BELOIT (WIFR) -- It's not cocaine, but heroin is the biggest problem on the streets of Beloit right now. Officers are doing everything they can to get the drug off the streets.

The departments drug and gang unit works with heroin users to catch dealers in the act. Officers are also doing more vehicle searches and undercover operations to put dealers behind bars. Police say all that hard work is paying off. Sargent Dan Tilley says about five people are arrested each month for selling or possessing heroin. Even if we have not ties to anyone who uses the drug, we could fall victim. Officers say most addicts commit other crimes to fuel their habit.

"Robberies from individuals and stores, stuff like that so its mostly crimes that involve getting things that can be turned into money, converted into money to buy heroin," says Sgt. Dan Tilley, Beloit Police.

The Rock County Coroner says over the last five years the number of heroin related deaths has gone up significantly.

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