Hells Angels Clubhouse for Sale

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A property in Rockford that typically gets a lot of attention, isn’t seeing much interest.

The former Hells Angels Motorcycle Club building at the corner of Morgan and Rock Streets needs a bit of sprucing up and it’s realtor says there may not be many options.

The facility is listed at $59,000 and needs to be brought back up to code. The city cited the clubhouse for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing violations and it was originally zoned for professional use and not for a club. Realtor Brad Benedict says the best option may be to just knock the building down.

"It's a big expense, absolutely. Do the numbers and you're going to realize you're going to have a tremendous expense to turn it into any kind of retail space. Probably the highest and best use is to tear it down and turn it into some kind of a parking lot or park,” said Benedict.

Benedict says that he recently showed off the property to people that were interested in opening a restaurant, but so far there have not been any serious offers.

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