UPDATE: Hearing on Epperson Subpoena, Union Attorneys Ask for Numerous Documents

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UPDATE: Rockford’s Police Union will get the information they’ve requested in a case surrounding Police Chief Chet Epperson. This means police reports surrounding a case involving NAACP President Lloyd Johnston will be handed over.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Lawyers for the Police Union and Chief Epperson are downtown, meeting with the city’s Board of Fire and Police commissioners.

Today, lawyers from the union are asking the board to make the city turn over subpoenaed materials so the union can use them to make their case in a probable cause meeting scheduled for Monday.

Union lawyers are asking for police reports, officer notes, and other documents to be turned over to them ahead of the meeting on Monday. All those materials are related to a welfare check at the home of Rockford NAACP President Lloyd Johnston last October. The union claims Epperson obstructed justice that night and are looking for disciplinary actions against the chief.

Epperson’s lawyers have been fighting the union’s efforts this whole time, claiming the board of commissioners doesn’t have the authority to even hear the case against Epperson. We’re expecting to hear from both sides after the meeting tonight.

Epperson’s lawyers tired filing a restraining order against the union’s actions, but a judge ruled those lawyers didn’t do enough to prove the commission doesn’t have authority over the chief.

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