Healthcare Industry Update Luncheon

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- With President Obama's re-election, it appears his Affordable Health Care Act is here to stay. Today one of the state's biggest health care experts talked to Stateline business leaders on how the act will impact them moving forward.

Ted Nodzenski is the vice president of strategic and business development for the Illinois Hospital Association (IHA). The non-partisan IHA advocates on health care issues in the us congress. Nodzenski gave an often blunt evaluation of the current state of health care and the best way for business owners to move forward.

"I thought he did an excellent job of presenting a complex topic in a straight forward succinct way. The dialogue and presentation on the volume curve to the value curve was I thought where a lot of the change and a lot of the innovative ideas are going to really play out going forward,” said Gary Kaatz, CEO of Rockford Health Systems.

Nodzenski says those business owners looking to eliminate coverage for workers face an increased chance of a productivity dip and it's also viewed as a negative indicator suggesting a company in decline.

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