Headstones to be Restored at Local Cemetery

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BELOIT (WIFR) – If you’ve ever wanted to check your family ancestry, an Indiana restoration company wants to help by cleaning up hundreds of headstones.

“There’s so much history in this cemetery.”

Walking through Oakwood Cemetery in Beloit you can’t help but notice several broken headstones, many of them falling over and some you can’t even find buried in the grass.

“It’s very important for people to understand their roots and be able to look and see the memorials to these people.”

It’s a sight Helen Wildermuth hates to see, saying it’s harder for people to find their buried loved one and learn more about their family tree.

“They just need to understand they sacrificed an awful lot for you to be here.”

Indiana-based company Stone-Hugger hopes to help by cleaning and fixing century-old headstones.

“Those families meant something to the community.”

Restoring the markers doesn’t cost relatives a dime and its paid for by the city of Beloit.

Bob Pokorney sait’s something many families appreciate.

“If they’re doing genealogy and there’s no marker, they’re kind of guessing at where the loved one is and there’s no closure to that search.

Wildermuth says restoring cemeteries makes history and headstones a little easier to find.

Restorations cost around $15,000. Stone-Hugger travels across the country to fix up cemeteries. They’ll wrap up in Beloit by the end of this week.

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