HCC Foundation Announces 2012-2013 Scholarship Recipients

FREEPORT (WIFR) --The Highland Community College Foundation distributed approximately $300,000 to Highland students for the 2012-2013 academic year with over 300 people in attendance at its annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony on September 30. Approximately $5.7 million has been distributed to Highland students since the Foundation was formed. Some scholarships are based on merit and financial need; others are awarded to students based on where they attended high school and what major they are studying.

The following scholarship recipients were recognized:

BAILEYVILLE: Emily Bardell, Clarence W. Chapman

BRAMPTON, Ontario: Camar Parkes, Larry Kahl Athletic

BYRON: Tyler Nelson, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell

CEDARVILLE: Scott Armstrong, Kathleen A. Reed and Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial

CHICAGO: Demetrius Tolliver, Larry Kahl Athletic

DAKOTA: Nicholas Gimple, Jim Sacia and Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Lance McCauley, James A. Davis Memorial; Brady Schlueter, Joey Stott

DAVIS: Kyle Benning, Marion L. Byram; Brandon Holliday, Robert & Lois Harlan; Jennifer Lane, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Amy Martinez, Todd Engelkens Memorial; Mark Neuzil, Ennenga/Holm Memorial; Evan Russell, Fredrick and Alice Kirkman Memorial

ELIZABETH: Donna Marcotte, Betty and Ray Stamm; Matthew Steele, Wid Hance Automotive; Austin Wachter, Harold Lee Offenheiser Ecology-Biology

FERNDALE, Michigan: Patrick Onwenu, Larry Kahl Athletic

FORRESTON: Matthew Gors, H.G. Kable Memorial

FREEPORT: Mandi Armstrong, Ken and Marien Stein; Kasie Beach, Eunice O’Malia; Chelsea Boddie, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial and Harry A. Warthen; Mikayla Boettner, Harold Lee Offenheiser Ecology-Biology; Jennifer Bookman, Marilyn Casey Nursing; Joseph Caldwell, James Padfield Memorial; Megan Carus, Joey Stott; Aaron Cummins, Raymond A. Klee Trustmark; Dustin Dach, Philip Gordon Memorial; Gloria Dandridge, Walker Mortuary, Ltd.; Brittany Davenport, Joey Stott; Tabitha Dowman, Dr. and Mrs. Orzo Hill; Alexandria Downs, Harold D. Walkup; Louise Flannery, United Presbyterian Church; Patrick Flannery, Joey Stott; Sherry Freitag, Maureen Baldwin Cosmetology; Elizabet Garcia, Ray and Betty Stamm; Jose Garcia, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Nursing; Amoni Grayson, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial; Cammie Haffele, Illinois Health Improvement Association; Michelle Hail-Harris, Krug-Phillips Memorial; Courtney Hickey, Joey Stott; Douglas Janicke, Thomas E. Wallmo Memorial; Tysheldin Johnson, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Upward Bound; Anna Jungles, Charlotte A. Zartman and Opal Wade Memorial; Robyn Maxey, Harold D. Walkup; Kyle McKenna, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Business; Laura Miller, Harry A. Warthen; Laura Mills, Joey Stott; Ryan Moeller, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Athletics and Ronald Norman Memorial; Beth Newman, Marion L. Byram; Jennifer Nielsen, Joey Stott; Kendra Ostendorf, 1st Farm Credit Services Agriculture, and Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Athletics; Sabrina Parker, Anita S. Murray Memorial and Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial; Kate Peterson, Walker Mortuary, Ltd.; Michelle Queckboerner, Joseph S. and Bettye J. Mihina-Nursing; Kathleen Raia, American Business Women's Assoc.-TLC Chapter; Samantha Reeser, Edna Hayden Johnson Memorial, Jim Sacia, and Mary Gregory Warthen; Erin Rice, Illinois Health Improvement Association; Tonya Robinson, Richard Kerkhoff Veterans Memorial; Elena Rodriguez, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill; Cody Rogers, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Computer Science, and Dr. and Mrs. Spencer K. Phillips; Emily Shaw, Sarah (Sally) Dupee Memorial; Timothy Urquhart, Marilyn Casey Nursing; Zachary Vick, Rawson Engineering; Nicole Walsh, R. C. Miller Agriculture; Alice Webb, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Upward Bound; Kathrine Zellweger, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life

GERMAN VALLEY: Samantha Bender, Joey Stott and Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial; Hannah Curry, Kutz Family; Skyler Hayunga, James Schneiderman Memorial; Laurie Vincent, Joey Stott

LANARK: Abbey Grisham, Whitetails Unlimited; Samantha Kane, Harold D. Walkup; Jenna Simpson, Steve Mihina Mathematics-Science; Megan Woolcock, Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wurtzel

LEAF RIVER: Mikaela Rinehart, Ennenga/Holm Memorial

LENA: Jenny Farmer, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Business, Charles Endress Memorial, Dr. and Mrs. Spencer K. Phillips; Tyler Huttenlocher, Sarah (Sally) Dupee Memorial; Brittany Rothenbuehler, Joey Stott; Adam Troxell, Betty J. and Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Computer Science

MADISON, Wisconsin: Kiana Burnette, Larry Kahl Athletic

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin: Iesha Barkley, Larry Kahl Athletic

MT. CARROLL: Ryan Kerr, James A. Davis Memorial

MT. MORRIS: James Barton, Davis/Balluff; Angela Glessner, Davis/Balluff

ORANGEVILLE: Kendra Love, Roger A. Hutmacher Memorial; Carrie Scherer, Jessica Theena Memorial Teacher Education; Kassandra Wells, Dr. and Mrs. Ozro Hill

PEARL CITY: Stephanie Ferguson, Louis Fauser/Bankers Mutual Life; Lydia Graves, Fehr-Graham & Associates; Katlyn Heinrich, Betty and Ray Stamm

PECATONICA: Samantha Ferguson, Virginia Ames Cosmetology; Dale Kemp, Jim Sacia

RIDOTT: Steve Hasselman, R.C. Miller Agriculture; Alex Larson, Northwest Illinois Deer Collectors Club

ROCK CITY: Katie Clark, Larry Kahl Athletic; Luke Franzen, Joey Stott

ROCKFORD: Nikole Steffenhagen, Margaret and Clarence Mitchell

SAVANNA: Jelena Runions, American Business Women's Assoc.-TLC Chapter

SHANNON: Brittany Barr, Betty J. And Lyle F. Gillespie Memorial-Nursing; Faith Stoner, Harold Lee Offenheiser Ecology-Biology

STOCKTON: Jacob Eden, Dr. Neal and Flo Chapin Wind Turbine Technology; Alesha Norton, Irma Dittmar Ames Memorial; Makenzie Finn, Ada Mook Memorial; Keeley Schulz, Betty and Roger Dornink Memorial

WARREN: Emily Ortman, Harold D. Walkup

WINSLOW: Stephanie Zimmerman, Leonard C. Ferguson Memorial

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