Gym Owners Help Troubled Teens

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- Kids with anger management issues are learning to control their behavior, thanks to some local gym owners. The Gloves not Guns programs started years ago, but coaches are struggling to provide equipment for their students. One of the coaches says she wants to give teens a productive way release their anger.

Coaches at The Zone Fight and Fitness gym want to continue their program, but they need more money. The classes teach anger control and self-discipline for teens ages 9 through 17. Funding would provide students with gloves and transportation to the gym. Trainer Kathy Hungness says kids need a better way to take out their aggression.

“The lives out there that these kids have to face is totally different than what we had. tryign to teach them something is hard, trying to keep them positive without having them be angry,” said Hungness, owner of The Zone Fight & Fitness.

If you eat at Lonestar Steakhouse between today and tomorrow, and bring a flyer for the program, they'll donate 15% of your check. All donations will go toward insurance for the kids, as well as gloves and equipment

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