UPDATE: Companies Looking at Stephenson County Property for Medical Marijuana Growing Facility

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UPDATE: STEPHENSON COUNTY (WIFR) – There are four counties in Illinois Police District 16 and only one will be called home for a medical marijuana cultivation center.
Before the Stephenson County Board revised its one-size-fits-all contract last week, 13 developers were interested, but not enough to sign on the dotted line. Now, there are two vying to become the district’s sole medical marijuana company.

“We’re trying to get as many people to come in and look at Mill Race and sign a purchase agreement with us. The more that would go down to Springfield to try and secure a license, betters our chances in Stephenson County,” said County Board Chairman, William Hadley.

Deerpath Development, a company out of Wyoming, signed the updated contract and throws its hat into the ring with Med Farm. Both companies are now eligible for when the state chooses which 21 will get the license. If selected, Deerpath would pay $3,000 for every one of its 26 acres and would also bring along 20 full-time jobs.
“It wasn’t frustrating. It was challenging, and we’re up to the challenge. We look forward to meeting the needs of our community and this is a challenge. Job growth is important to Stephenson County and that’s our goal. We want job growth,” said County Administrator John Light.

Both Light and Hadley say that it would be a huge relief for the county to get a company into Mill Race Crossing, which has been sitting empty since the county bought the 147 acre plot of land in 2006.

County officials will be meeting with a third company on Thursday to discuss the possibility of signing and although the state has yet to announce when the application process will begin, Hadley says he hopes to have four purchase agreements by that time.

UPDATE: FREEPORT (WIFR) -- One of 13 developers interested in building a marijuana cultivating center at Mill Race Crossing in Freeport has signed the dotted line.

Med Farm is hoping to be the only company awarded a license to grow medical marijuana in Illinois State Police district 16.

The county board revised a previous accepted one-size-fits-all contract so now even more companies might sign to build the only plant that could be built in Freeport.

"We have no construction jobs going on at this time," says board charirman Bill Hadley. "We're losing jobs in Stephenson County and we badly need jobs. This is very important to Stephenson County and the citizens of Freeport."

The State is still preparing for handling all the applications but won't be able to until, at the earliest, mid-August.

Until then some counties are scrambling to send developers with approved contracts to the state for what will be a competitive push to get the only license in a four county region in the Stateline.

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UPDATE: FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Stephenson County has experienced a snag in its attempt to reach agreements with two developers who each want to build a medical marijuana growing facility in the Pretzel City.

Stephenson County Board Chairman Bill Hadley says the developers are unhappy with wording in the one-size-fits all contract recently approved by the county board for anyone who wanted to build a marijuana cultivating center at Mill Race Crossing.

Hadley says he hopes to meet with developers and address the issues with the contract so the companies can apply for the only state cultivating license being given out in our area. That area will only see one license in Jo Daviess, Stephenson, Winnebago, and Boone Counties.

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STEPHENSON COUNTY (WIFR) – The Stephenson County Board Chairman says there are two companies vying for a plot of land in Freeport looking to build a medical marijuana growing facility.

The companies want to grow pot for medical use on Mill Race Crossing which right now is nearly 150 acres of land which has sat empty for seven years. Chairman Bill Hadley says four Stateline Counties are looking to land a marijuana plant as only one can be built in this Illinois Police District.

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