Group Exploring Renovation of Hononegah's Athletic Fields

ROCKTON (WIFR) -- A new football field, bleachers and scoreboard.

All of that could be on its way to Hononegah High School thanks to a group of coaches and supporters who are thinking big after a similar project was done by a conference foe.

"We were very impressed with what they did at Freeport with their turf field that they put in this past year. That has kind of spurred an interest in a lot of other schools to see what they can do, including Hononegah, and what we can do with our facilities”, says Hononegah athletic director Jay Lauscher.

Athletic director Jay Lauscher says the major overhaul of Hononegah's athletic fields is in the beginning stages and is far from any decision. What he does know is that the project will be costly and believes the price shouldn't come out of the public's pocket.

Lauscher says, "This will be a privately funded project, and again, it's going to be a very expensive project. But no district funds or taxpayer funds will be used for the project."

Aside from work to the field, Lauscher says few upgrades have been made to the stadium since the bleachers were expanded in the 1980s. While there are no present issues with the facility, the new renovation ideas hope to be a benefit to both athletes and fans.

"This is a community that really relishes athletics. We're looking to enhance our current athletic facilities and current athletic programs as much as possible not only for our current athletes but future athletes as well”, says Lauscher.

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