Group Boycotts Sale of Guns at Local Stores

Quite the commotion outside Dick’s Sporting Goods in Rockford today. Protestors were trying to get shoppers to spend their money somewhere else.

The rally comes as U.S. senators are expected to begin debating gun legislation on Capitol Hill this week. The Move On group is spreading the message they want the measure, which includes expanding background checks, passed, but their cries were met with opposition.

“You have to uphold the whole constitution. That's what we're trying to do. You're trying to take pieces out of it," the two sides argued.

The Move On group which supports stricter gun legislation is boycotting stores in the Rockford area that sell guns. Members say if the country had stricter laws tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook could have been prevented, but others who oppose gun legislation say it's our right to bear arms and many of the laws proposed wouldn't make a difference anyway.

“Every law that's been proposed either on the state or federal level is aimed at taking guns away from or limiting the ability of lawful citizens to own guns. None of these laws are aimed at actually disarming the criminal," Brian Frayne, who opposes gun legislation, said.
"They won't listen. They just think we're trying to take their guns. We're not trying to take their guns. We just want to know that people who are sane have control of the guns.” M.L. Wright, who supports gun legislation, said.

Part of the gun legislation up for debate in the senate includes expanding background checks to gun shows and online firearms sales. The National Rifle Association opposes the assault weapons ban and expanded background checks.

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