Group Wants to Save Freeport City Hall

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FREEPORT (WIFR) – The fight to save Freeport’s city hall heats up as those hoping to keep the landmark safe are taking to the streets to gather support.

The group “Citizens for Saving Freeport’s City Hall” says there is no good reason why the old city hall shouldn’t be renovated and rescued by city government and they hope spreading their message will convince city leaders to agree.

The old city hall building was built in 1899 and has sat vacant and unused since November of 2011, when the city moved its operations to another building just blocks away. Since then, there’s been no decision on what to do with the nearly 105-year-old facility.

Citizens for Saving Freeport’s City Hall say they are trying to educate the public on why the building should be saved.

“We’re about building things and about preserving things and so I really think that it’ll be a bad signal for our community if that building was destroyed,” said Dr. Andy Dvorak with Citizens for Saving Freeport’s City Hall. “It is structurally sound, it’s on a firm foundation. It needs extensive interior renovation. It can easily be done.”

The city has also set up a committee to gather public opinion on what the future of the century-old building should be and the public may play a huge role in the city’s final decision.

There is no exact time frame for when a decision will be made but one may be coming soon.

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