Governor Quinn Signs Reclaiming First Bill

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STATELINE (WIFR) – There’s still a long way to go before the Stateline will start seeing the benefits of a hotel tax hike slated to bring in millions of dollars to the area.

Javier Rodriguez has been coaching soccer in the Stateline for eight years and says Rockford needs more sports tournaments because of the money it brings to the area.

“It’s good,” said Rodriguez. “All the people come here to stay here and relax and watch the games. It’s all good.”

“The opportunity to host competitions and tournaments, that’s really big business in America,” said Governor Pat Quinn.

The Governor just signed a bill that could bring more than 400 jobs to the area. It’s called Reclaiming First. It gives Winnebago County the authority to charge visitors a 2% tax when they stay at area hotels. The revenue will help pay for upgrades to Sportescore One and Sportscore Two as well as the Ingersoll building project that will turn the downtown building into an new indoor sports complex.

Local municipalities still have to vote on the tax before it can go into effect; that is if enough towns and cities representing at least 67% of the county’s population vote in favor of it.

That process could take a few months.

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