Gov. Quinn Requests Federal Flood Funding for Winnebago County

WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- With all of the natural disasters happening across the country, Many of us forgot it was only a month ago several Stateline families saw their homes severely damaged by flood waters.

Governor Pat Quinn issued his third and final request to the Obama Administration that Winnebago County be declared a disaster area.

Previous attempts have been denied. Seven others were included in that request, in total, 140 homes suffered extensive damage.

If approved this allows home and business owners to apply for grants and loans to cover all flood-related costs like home repair and clean up.

Something Shirley Carpenter says she strongly needs.

"We could redo the garage over again which we had to do before because it cracked so, and we'd take advantage of being able to fix the basement up again, we tore all the stuff out of here," Carpenter said.

So far 25 counties have been approved. They'll receive $60 million in aid.

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