Google Visits Local School to Give Lesson on Online Safety

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – An embarrassing picture could go viral in minutes thanks to the internet which is why Google wants kids to know how to be safer with what they’re posting.

A goofy photo may seem harmless, but it’s the damage posting the picture to your public profile that Google wants children to consider twice. The internet company visited Eisenhower Middle School today to teach kids about online safety.

Google says there are five easy ways we can protect ourselves. Things like making sure we're not putting sensitive or embarrassing information out in public, knowing how to use our browser and website settings, looking out for online scams that ask for personal information, and keeping a positive tone with what we post.

The entire lesson’s purpose is to teach kids there are consequences to posting things online and a responsibly as well. More and more employers pay attention to social media websites to see what their employees are up to, so Google hopes kids take precaution with their posts to avoid trouble in the future.