UPDATE: Rockford Man Sentenced for Stealing "Good Samaritan's" Car After Crash

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A Rockford man will spend the next half decade in prison for stealing a woman's car who pulled over to help him during an accident.

Kelly Brown, 27, was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty to drinking and driving among other charges.

Last winter Brown was involved in a roll-over one car accident on Seminary street with three people. Officers say when a witness got out to help and Brown stole her car.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- We're hearing for the first time from a local woman who says her car was stolen by one of the victims who she tried to help in a roll-over car accident. We just found out, the suspect may have been drunk during the crash

It has been one of those stories that makes a lot of our jaws drop. The woman, who police are calling a "Good Samaritan" says she watched the accident un-fold just feet in front of her car on Seminary Street Tuesday. The witness would like to keep her identity private, however, she says she wanted to share her experience.

"It is exactly what you see in the movies, the car coming right at me, flipping side over side, debris going everywhere,” said the Good Samaritan.

She says she got out of her car right away to help the victims who were ejected during the accident, when she saw 26-year-old Kelly Brown flee the scene in her vehicle. Currently, Brown is facing a series of charges including an aggravated DUI. The suspect was also hurt in the crash. The witness tells us she was the only car on the scene.

"I wouldn't change anything. I would have done it the same. Everyone keeps asking me if I would have taken my keys. Probably not in all honesty you see the accident happen I was trying to get help for them but I was also my thought was to get myself out of my vehicle because the car was close to my car and on fire"

Rockford police tell us Brown was wanted on a warrant, which is likely why he fled the scene in such a panic. Officers say he didn't get very far and the car was picked up a few blocks away from the scene, almost minutes after the accident.

The good Samaritan tells us she is a former EMT and wouldn’t have changed the way she reacted. She says Brown looked so injured it didn’t even cross her mind that he would try to steal her car.

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