Go Global Conference Encourages International Growth

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Expanding business globally has helped some local manufacturing companies survive the recession and it turns out growing outward also means growing inward.

We spoke to a local business exec who says taking his business global has allowed him to grow the company’s headquarters here in Rockford and he wishes to see more Stateline businesses follow in his footsteps.

Today’s Go Global conference paired up local manufacturers with groups and services that can help them take their businesses outside of the United States. The process of going global is a difficult one says Leading Edge Hydraulics president and CTO Russ Dennis. He says seven years ago, his company made the commitment to expand the company to the European market and says some companies may be scared to make a similar jump.
Leading Edge Hydraulics says they’ve been able to grow their international business so much they’ve hired 25 workers this past year and they’re getting ready to hire an additional shift at a plant they just bought two years ago.

More people attended this year’s Go Global conference than ever before. Last year, the conference broke 200 attendees, this year the number is closer to 250.

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